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Five days a week I, like most other people, go to work. There are potentially dozens of ways for me to get to work: car, bike, segway, helicopter, skate board, or hitch hiking; the options are potentially endless. I have chosen to go the traditional route and commute via the bus. On my way to work I take a TriMet bus (#44, #54, or #56) from stop #925 to stop #7803; on my way home I take a bus from stop #7586 to stop #955. The ride to work takes 13.5 minutes. The ride home takes either 15 or 21 minutes depending on which bus I catch. During this time I read. During most other times I like to babble. This blog combines all three: books, buses and babble.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunrises, Mount Hood, & Urination

Book: The White Tiger
Bus #44; 6:12 a.m.
Pages read: 0

I didn't read this morning. I wanted to listen to the songs I downloaded last night on my iPod. Whenever I put a book down and notice the things around me while riding the bus, I generally see things that I am glad I didn't miss. This morning is a perfect example: Mount Hood silhouetted by the orange glow of the rising sun. Beautiful.

But not everything I notice is so picturesque. Last month, while the bus was stopped a light, I saw a man peeing in the sidewalk. He wasn't leaning into a building, secreted into a door front, or in a side alley. No, he was in the middle of the sidewalk peeing right down the center. From where I was watching, I could see the geometrically perfect arc of urine.

Moral of this post: It's good to put down the book now and then and take in the world around you...but only now and then.

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